Trey Simon

Singer/Songwriter - Detroit, MI

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Trey Simon bio...

After finding his grandfather’s guitar when he was young, Trey dedicated his time to studying old blues musicians, singer-songwriters, and developing his own skills on guitar, impassioned by showing people there is a reason for pain and a way to make it beautiful.

On stage you see someone put-together, with a high fashion sense, but it took Trey years to find his sense of identity as a bi-racial man, becoming a chameleon to explore how to express himself until he created his own avenues. As a musician, Trey taps into experiences of heartbreak, of identity, and of belief in hopes to bolster his audience to feel confident and known. He believes his career as an artist is to be transparent. To know Trey Simon is to know a person completely entranced by music as a unifying engine.

Trey’s vocals powerfully strike the ear and his picking precision draws the audience in. Honored to open for big names like Patti LaBelle, Andra Day, and Andy Grammar, he continues to grow musically and relationally as he travels for concerts across the country and releases new music. His most recent singles The Impossible and When the Lights Turn On are available on all streaming platforms, with more to come.

Trey’s effortlessness performing comes from much time spent with his craft, with his hurt, but also with his sense of overwhelming hope and purpose. Music is just a means of bringing light into the world and it shows when his feet hit the stage.

$1,250 + SLMRT


S = Sound appropriate for venue
L = Lighting appropriate for venue
M = Meal before or after the show
R = Room (hotel or stipend)
T = Travel (IRS mileage or flight and car rental)