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Nic Howell bio...

Nic Howell is an 18-year-old American singer-songwriter who inspires people to be themselves. He uses a unique blend of catchy beats and thoughtful, story-driven lyrics to create music that both encourages you and makes you want to get up and dance.


His songs talk about what it’s like to be a teenager today while carrying deeper messages

about love and belonging. And his infectious personality help Nic convey these truths in a fun, authentic way that’s highly relatable. He knows that we’re all on a journey together and it’s best if we enjoy it and learn from one another along the way.


Nic grew up alongside the beautiful lakes and orange groves of Central Florida with his parents, four sisters, and two brothers. Spending time with his family, loving life through ups and downs, taught Nic to appreciate what you have and that life is best when you’re being your unique self.


The connection Nic has with his family remains one of his greatest inspirations and something he aims to replicate with his audience, making each listen an intimate

get-together and each concert a celebration.


His most recent single High Maintenance tallies over 450,000 streams on Spotify after a recent release.

$1,500 + SLMRT


S = Sound appropriate for venue
L = Lighting appropriate for venue
M = Meal before or after the show
R = Room (hotel or stipend)
T = Travel (IRS mileage or flight and car rental)