Leadership/Speaker - Nashville, TN


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Kristen Knowles bio...

Kristen Knowles oversees the creation of the Eight-time award-winning leadership development program, Masters and Everyday Leadership. She specializes in offering unique leadership experiences that create impactful moments, that inspire growth, with practical application that you can immediately start implementing to see results.


Her work can be adapted for every level of an organization from aspiring leaders to executive level. Her experience spans many fields in the area of HR and organizational operations, with an emphasis in team relationship building programs and leadership development.


She also has served as a VP and Chairman of the board of directors, part of the executive leadership staff, as well as an Organizational Effectiveness Consultant for several non-profits and religious organizations. She offers a unique opportunity to implement strategies that creates and fosters a culture that hinges on breaking apart our previous ideas of leadership to create brave leaders that will mark history and change the narrative for leadership going forward.

$2k-7k + SLMRT


S = Sound appropriate for venue
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M = Meal before or after the show
R = Room (hotel or stipend)
T = Travel (IRS mileage or flight and car rental)