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John Kaufeld is an international bestselling author and a total fraud — or at least that’s what his impostor syndrome wants him to believe. His 36 books sold over three million copies in 15 countries, but he still felt like a fake, an impostor just waiting to be found out.

That’s impostor syndrome in action. It affects about 3 out of 4 people and it’s a thing on your campus. It might even be a thing in your head right now. It’s especially common among first-generation students, returning adult students, and those in programs like honors, engineering, graphic design, creative writing, and TRiO.

As a first-generation honors student himself, these are John’s people. They're why he speaks around the country, raising awareness of impostor syndrome and giving students, faculty, and staff members the tactics and tools to overcome it. And 75% of your campus needs to hear him.

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