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Heather Miller bio...

Affectionately nicknamed “Happy Heather”—you’d never guess she grew up in an abusive, drug-dealing home on welfare.  You may know Heather from her touring days with her husband in So Long Solo, but on the speaking circuit Heather reveals the journey to a healed heart, free from her own addictions and shame.  She loves to share the secrets of inner healing as she mentors youth weekly while also unlocking the doors to wellness for others around the nation.


Recipient of NACA’s Outstanding Educational Session award, Heather has spoken in Uganda, Kenya, Argentina, and Peru.   After serving impoverished children in Africa and South America, Heather led a team to win a free car in Mary Kay, and toured coast-to-coast for five years as an indie-pop duet with her husband and children before settling down in Nashville.  When not on the road speaking or writing books, Heather can be found loving life in Nashville as a cheerleader and sounding board to her husband, Mark, the director of Brave Enough Artist Agency, and most-humbled-and-amazed mother to Rockwell (5), and Juliette (3).

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