Pop Singer/Songwriter - Greenville, SC


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Colin Mukri bio...

Everyday music for everyday people – Colin Mukri is not your average Nashville Singer/Songwriter. Born and raised in Malaysia, Colin moved alone to the United States when he was 19 to pursue a career in music. Embracing his upbringing of 90s pop, Hip Hop, Folk, and R&B, Colin not only brings humor and energy to his live shows, he’ll make you feel like an instant friend through his lyrics and perspectives. With the down to earth soul of Johnnyswim, catchy hooks of Ben Rector, this husband and father of two will bring a sense of belonging at his live shows and in his music.

$1,250 + SLMRT


S = Sound appropriate for venue
L = Lighting appropriate for venue
M = Meal before or after the show
R = Room (hotel or stipend)
T = Travel (IRS mileage or flight and car rental)