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Project Description

Unchained Fashion Show

UNCHAINED Human Trafficking Awareness Fashion Show :
Art speaks when words fail. UNCHAINED tells the story of a human trafficking survivor through a multimedia, art fashion show. The forty-five minute performance uses garments created for UNCHAINED by season 5 Project Runway designer Korto Momolu. Each garment signifies a stage in the journey, from Innocence to Violation and finally Restoration. Through the redemption, your community learns the signs of those victimized with poetic spoken word narration, music, fashion, hair, makeup, statistics and facts. Audiences learn about human trafficking in the US in a safe, interactive way. UNCHAINED trains your student volunteers to model how to walk in the real world show and be a voice for the voiceless. The live performance encourages audiences to use their talents and intellect to end human trafficking. For more information, please visit: unchainedfashionshow.com


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