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Project Description

Taylor Reed

Taylor Reed, a self-taught solo artist from Tampa, FL, channels her natural creativity and spontaneity with violin, guitar and vocals through a looping station, building an elegantly layered and engrossingly soulful sound. Weaving violin melodies through groove-infused renditions of pop and rock hits, her music elevates any space. Her new original work connects on a human level, finding common ground in experiences shared and exposing beauty and hope through new perspective.

What others are saying about Taylor Reed

“Your communication was impeccable and Taylor’s performance was outstanding. She was very engaging with the students and her set was various and up to date.”

“Taylor is an amazing artist and we loved her!”

“Both Brave Enough and Taylor Reed were a pleasure to work with, and the students at Truman State University were thrilled to host her. Everyone we interacted with was professional and receptive. We received plenty of great feedback from students who loved the performance.”



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