Project Description


Stormfolk is an Orlando, Florida-based songwriting duo of Mick Grocholl and Kaley Dignen. Having come from two completely different musical backgrounds, the two met in September 2017. Soon after, they came together to form Stormfolk.
Mick and Kaley combine a raw singer-songwriter feel with folk, bluegrass, pop and rock, crafting their unique sound. The band consists solely of vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin and percussion.
The sensational duo created a performance that captivated their audience members. Word of mouth started to spread about Stormfolk as listeners started experiencing their concerts at Disney Springs—Florida’s popular tourist attraction. People were intrigued to find out what this band was all about.
The talented two are currently bringing their vision and writings together at home in the recording studio. Several songs & music videos are set to release over the course of 2018.

As of late, you can catch Stormfolk at restaurants, house shows, colleges, wedding events, and concerts across the United States. Feel free to follow their journey on social media to stay up to date on events and new content. Stay stormy!⚡




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