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Project Description

Not A Commodity

Not a Commodity is a social justice event including performance, stories and voices of freedom from the front lines of the fight against modern day slavery. This powerful event includes a high energy concert and multimedia presentation from Remedy Drive and conversations from the stage about the band’s work in fighting against human trafficking both through song and action. David Zach, the band’s lead singer, will share stories of his ongoing undercover work globally with the abolitionist organization, The Exodus Road. Local collaboration is encouraged with room for other counter trafficking organizations, local and regional law enforcement or law makers to present on the different aspects of the fight against modern day slavery. The goal of Not a Commodity is to contribute to a culture and a conversation where human dignity is valued and where all people are regarded – a conversation that recognizes and champions the cause of freedom and spills over into other justice and social causes in every community.

What others are saying about Not a Commodity

“David gave a brilliant, engaging talk and was very prepared and genuine. He also performed two songs, which he was able to work in at the perfect moments. [David] brought awareness of such a large-scale issue to our small campus and was able to engage with students at a very personal, real level.”

“We filled up our section of the ballroom. We had to open up the other side and bring more chairs in.”



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