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   a Tea & Music Experience Artist

Our Tea & Music Experience artists bring the atmosphere with them by offering free loose-leaf tea for everyone at the show!


Kate Barnette


Kate Barnette is a promising American artist, songwriter, and musician. Truly a unique and multifaceted singer, she emerged into the spotlight after it was announced that she had auditioned for season two of American Idol on ABC.

Kate first started singing in church and taking piano lessons at just six years old. She dropped out of school at the age of 18 and relocated to Nashville aiming to make a career as a songwriter, but within six months she returned to her hometown Atlanta to form a band and establish a career as a solo artist.

She would describe her music as “folk-soul,” a combination of gospel/southern roots with elements of jazz, funk, r&b, and blues. She credits moving to the city and exploring the Atlanta music scene for having a major effect on her artistry.

Since then, Kate has released her debut self-titled album which is a collection of songs she wrote, arranged, and co-produced, and she has played at venues all over the country. Be sure to watch her journey unfold on this season of ABC’s American Idol!


Album review—

“indie pop gorgeously sewn together with elements of jazz, folk, & orchestral richness”

– Women That Rock



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