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Project Description

   a Tea & Music Experience Artist

Our Tea & Music Experience artists bring the atmosphere with them by offering free loose-leaf tea for everyone at the show!


Jordy Searcy

Jordy Searcy is a breath of fresh air in the form of a heavily touring singer/songwriter (think Jon Foreman + Ben Rector + Foy Vance.) He wears a lot of blue, loves tea, and usually plays barefoot. Enneagram type 4, Myers-Briggs type INFP. After a stint on NBC’s The Voice, he relocated to Nashville TN, where he began crafting his first EP, Dark in the City (2018).

Dark in the City is an inspiring and authentic collection of songs with a focus on story, beauty, and understanding. Shortly after the 2018 release, Jordy signed a publishing deal with Fair Trade Services.

Jordy has been hailed as a truly captivating live artist, playing 150 shows a year to college-aged audiences. From looping vocals through the soundhole of his guitar to silencing a crowded venue by playing unplugged, Jordy’s explosive stage presence is undeniable.

“Playing my songs around the country has taught me that my career isn’t really about me-its about the conversation I get to have with my listeners. When even one person connects with you through music, its the best feeling, and it’s the same whether its one person or a thousand. Being an indie artist isn’t easy, but connection is worth it.” -Jordy

What others are saying about Jordy Searcy

“Jordy Searcy is an amazing musician full of energy. He knows how to work with the room and create an experience that radiates across the audience. Must see, must have!”

“Jordy and Scooter were great communicators and awesome to work with. It was a hectic day at our event and they just set up and did everything we asked. They were extremely low maintenance and did an awesome job.”

“Jordy Searcy made this night even more fun!”

“Jordy did an awesome job and really engaged the students. The students really loved the tea. It was different for our normal performers so I think they liked that element. Students we able to talk and connect with both Jordy and Scooter, they were both very well liked.”

“Jordy and Scooter were great people to work with, they were very flexible in how the show was run. They were performing at an open mic night, which we usually have low attendance and not many performers. They were great both performing a standard show as well as MC’ing and playing with students.”

“I LOVED the show! Jordy is very talented. Both men were amazing performers and people”

“Easy to work with. Very go with the flow. Very talented. I could listen to him for hours.”

“Jordy and Scooter were beyond amazing as they performed for our students on campus! Not only did they put on a show, but they engaged the crowd in every song that they performed!”

“…very personable with the audience…”

“I appreciate the fact that he wanted to include Krys [the student that opened for him]. That shows he really cares about music and the school and students. I got notifications on our Instagram of interactions between CAB and people that were following Jordy Searcy”

“Jordy and Scooter are always amazing to work with in any venue. Our students, faculty and staff love Jordy and his sound. It was a great way to start the day.”

“The performance was amazing! … I hope he can come back to perform again.”



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