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Project Description

James David

Meaningful Magic: Imagine attending a magic show and not only being amazed by the magician on stage, but also being movedby the acts of magic created off stage … by the audience. Meaningful Magic is an event like no other. It inspires and informs. It shows the audience that the real magic in life is making that effort to connect with partners, families, even complete strangers on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Magical Beginnings (Orientation): With the Magical Beginnings program you can take10 to 1000 students, put them in a large space, and let James use magic to allow them to release all their power, energy, and imagination to create a community. This scalable event consists of stage magic, games, group activities and more, while combining the elements of team building and enthusiasm to make a real community out of strangers.

Random Acts of Magic (Promoting other Events, Roving, Casual): A self-proclaimed “magic ninja,” James offers his roving magic show, a highly flexible performance format. Many times colleges and boards will ask him to perform street magic in the cafeteria, bookstore, or other hightraffic areas to generate interest and enthusiasm for a particular event.

What others are saying about James David

“As an artist, he provided an excellent experience from beginning to end. As a person, he is even better! His genuine approach is so refreshing and powerful. We can’t wait to book him again!”

James is a sensational magician… He is so good that we had James perform at a customer dinner we had in NewYork City where he wowed our very best customers plus the restaurant staff where we had the function… He is bright, creative, and an outstanding young talent. I can’t recommend him enough.”

“I really appreciate all your work with the team while we were on our retreat. The staff and team loved everything you did for us. Everything you did for us was helpful to our team moving forward and again, thanks!” – Steve Alford (UCLA basketball head coach)