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Project Description

Haley Klinkhammer

At the age of 14, Haley Klinkhammer picked up a guitar and filmed her first YouTube video. Over the past ten years, that video has led to over 280 more music videos, 32 million views, 245,000 subscribers, 3 albums, and countless live shows (recently singing with Rachel Platten and sharing the stage with Kellie Pickler). Haley is a believer in the power of music and it’s ability to speak to people in a way that words alone cannot, bringing us together through our own stories. Whether it’s her original songs or covers, YouTube or your hometown stage, Haley is bound to blow you away.

What others are saying about Haley Klinkhammer

“Haley Klinkhammer was fantastic for our student body. We had several students raving about her performance and even joined in singing; our staff later told us that they got numerous remarks about the students and faculty loving her presence while they were waiting in line and sitting at the table.”

“Thank you so much for helping us bring Haley to USCB! She was wonderful and the students loved her!”

“Haley was a great performer and was perfect for the coffee house feel that we were looking for. She was funny and was able to chat and get to know the students throughout the show.”

“Haley was such a pleasure to have on campus. She was engaged with the students, kept them laughing and really connected with them through her music. There were multiple songs where she had the audience sing parts of the song with her.”

“Haley was fantastic! She’s like my pretzel soul sister with a beautiful voice. I got a lot of positive feedback from many, many students as they were leaving for class with comments such as ‘she is so good!’ ‘She has such a beautiful voice!’ ‘She’s so talented and pretty!’”

“The students and staff loved Haley! Our security guards were late to go on their rounds on campus because they were enjoying the music so much!”

“The perfect performer for any event.”

“Haley Klinkhammer, a wonderful person that also happens to be a wonderful musician with a powerhouse voice”

“Flexibility was extremely helpful. Haley was great; very awesome crowd interaction.”

“Haley keeps a light and fun atmosphere throughout her performance that will inevitably capture the audience.”

“She is very talented. I’m just amazed”; “You can tell that Haley loves what she is doing”; “I love the story that her music tells”

“Haley was a great performer to work with, as she was well versed with the technology, easy to communicate with and extremely talented!”

“Haley has a voice like an angel, it’s very hard to study when she is so good! You just want to sing along with her!”

“Haley was wonderful. She was very friendly and interactive with the crowd. We had many students come up to us and Haley after the show expressing how well she did and how much they really enjoyed their time at the performance. Radford students were taken away by her voice.”

“She was fantastic!”

“Haley was on time and communicated great. She sang songs that the students knew, which drew them into staying and listening.”
“Haley did a wonderful job performing!”
“She was super nice and did an awesome job performing!”

“It was a great performance last night! Everyone on both sides seemed to have fun. Haley was great and very go with the flow which was great.”

“Haley was amazing, on stage and off stage, with being easy to work with.”

“Haley was really great!”