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   a Tea & Music Experience Artist

Our Tea & Music Experience artists bring the atmosphere with them by offering free loose-leaf tea for everyone at the show!


David Francisco

On a March night in 2018, David Francisco ignited America’s heart, stole Katy Perry’s voice, and was bear-hugged by Lionel Richie who gushed, “You are an inspiration to us all!” on ABC’s hit show, American Idol – but that’s not where his story begins.

David Francisco‘s life was permanently changed last April when a distracted driver ran a red light and T-boned him while he was riding his bike home from the world-renowned Blackbird Academy in Nashville, where he was studying music production. The initial prognosis was devastating and landed the 25-year old singer/songwriter at The Shepherd Center in Atlanta fighting to regain his ability to walk while longing to make music again.

After almost a year, David Francisco returned to Blackbird with an even deeper passion and the support of music industry heavy-weights. David was honored by industry greats Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick at the annual Pensado Awards in Los Angeles, released his EP, Colors, and performed with Martina McBride at the sold-out Tennessee Theatre.

With a smile and spirit as infectious as his songwriting, David Francisco will inspire you to live life like never before.



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