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Project Description

Brave Leadership

Workshop Topics led by Kristen Knowles

Building a Brave Culture: Works to lay the ground work for a culture that can truly build and grow team cohesiveness.

Address: Dysfunctional team dynamics, low moral in teams, low productivity and accountability, communication issues/barriers, and absence of or low trust. New-seasoned leaders can all benefit for how to increase team functionality and relationships.

Developing you/Developing me: Practical tools to help create a pathway for continuous growth and improvement.

Addresses: Skills gaps, not knowing how to create growth opportunities in yourself and people, low moral and lack of motivation, turn-over, and improving strengths and weaknesses

Personality in teams: Helps team to learn about each others differences and what each member brings to the table.

Addresses: Team cohesiveness, communication breakdowns, low moral in teams, uncertainty in the strengths and weaknesses of the team and how to use them.

Art of Influence: Learning skills in how to leverage your influence to gain buy-in, inspire, grow support, and get your voice heard.

Addresses: Poor communication, poor understanding how to motivate and gain buy-in, working in teams, lack of confidence in communicating in sharing your vision.

Balance and Boundaries: Step by step guide to help leaders avoid or get out of burn out by empowering their team.

Addresses: Burn out, micro-managing and lack of delegation, growing a team that takes ownership.

Start small and grow big: How to focus in and improve performance in rapid speed.

Addresses: Lack of focus, poor prioritization, urgency and poor performance, developing good behaviors

About Kristen Knowles:  Kristen oversees the creation of a Nine-time award-winning leadership development program focusing on what is called Everyday Leadership. She specializes in offering unique leadership experiences that create impactful moments, that inspire growth, with practical application that you can immediately start implementing to see results. Her work can be adapted for every level of an organization from aspiring leaders to executive level. Her experience spans many fields in the area of HR and organizational operations, with an emphasis in team relationship building programs and leadership development. She also has served as VP and Chairman of the board of directors, was a member of the executive leadership staff, as well as an Organizational Effectiveness Consultant for several non-profits and religious organizations. She offers a unique opportunity to implement strategies that creates and fosters a culture that hinges on breaking apart our previous ideas of leadership to create brave leaders that will mark history and change the narrative for leadership going forward.

Some of Kristen’s other speaking topics include:

Brave Leadership: People typically think of leadership as management, bosses, power, and control, but that is a thing of the past. What we are finding is that people crave a new kind of leader: an authentic, vulnerable, and transparent leader. But what does that look like and how do you still establish credibility while being a transparent leader?

Addresses: Lack of confidence, burn out, low team trust and moral, lack of vision and purpose, team dysfunction.

It’s All About Relationships: Every problem in the world can be traced back to a relationship problem. So what does this mean? It means we have to realize that we are a connected race, humans were always meant to be in connection, community, and dependence but how do we do this with passion and boundaries and how to move toward healthy, whole, healed relationships with the world.

Addresses: Break down in relationships, team collaboration, uncertainty of how to have healthy relationships in every area of life- not just work or personal, and dysfunctional teams.

Vulnerability – The new buzz word or the ache our souls have been dying for?: Why has vulnerability started showing up all over the place? Why it’s different than transparency, how to do it in health, and how it very might well be what changes an entire generation.

Addresses: Lack of trust, transparency, and healthy relationships with others and self; that in turn keeps us silo’d, empty, and lonely. How to move to whole hearted living.



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